Credit Limits Setting Process

Setting limits is an art and not a science; but for this very reason, it is necessary to be able to use proper judgment when it comes to granting credit and letting customers into your business. Credit limits gauge the maximum limits a company can go to when it comes to offering credit based policies to their customers. This way, they can charge/purchase first and pay later. However, the risk of losing payments is always at the fore, due to which it is extremely important to be able to take the right decisions during the screening process.

What do you need to consider befo...

Pros and Cons of Account Receivables process outsourcing

As a small business owner, you probably have a lot of expenses to meet. For this very reason, outsourcing would appear to be a very lucrative option, when it comes to saving costs and increasing efficiency. At the same time, you would probably also know that it is quite hard to get working capital to meet your daily business expenditures.

During times of shortage, it becomes very necessary for businesses to outsource their accounts receivables, so that businesses obtain efficiency and cost saving benefits for their business opera...

Debt Collection Strategies

Collecting debts is not a child’s game; it needs patience, and due diligence, which can go a long way in being able to collect effectively and efficiently. Some of the best debt collection agencies have honed their skills over the years, thereby making their strategies fool proof and satisfactory.

For this very reason, it is imperative to understand some of the best possible collection strategies in the market, which can go a long way in helping individual and companies collect their outstanding dues from customers’ and businesses alike.