8 Tricks to Stay Away from Fake Debt Collection!

debt collection

Every business prefers to get the third party services for collecting their debts. While some debt collectors directly contact you to collect on legitimate debts, there are also scammers who might pose as Debt Collection agents to trick you into paying money for debts that you have been already paid or debts that don’t even exist. In this way, they might dupe you of out your money. Here we are sharing few tips to recognize the scammers that might be posed as debt collecting agent to trick you.

  • If a debt collector threatens you with a lawsuit and tells you that you can avoid the lawsuit by paying right away. As usual, the scammer wants to collect the money right way and force you to pay the money at the moment. They use the lawsuit as the pressure to convince you to pay the debt. This is kind of trick they used to get paid by collecting the debts.

  • If the debt collector requests you to pay through wire transfer or another untraceable method. All the legitimate debt collects will accept various payment methods, so you can pay by credit card or debit card. Requesting to pay through wire transfer is a sign that the debt collection agency is posing a scammer. Wire transfer is an untraceable method which is making harder time for authorities to find the scammers.

  • If you don’t recognize the creditor or the account, it could be possible that a collector could contact you about an account that you have long forgotten about. If the creditor sounds completely unknown, or you know you never have the right to request proof of the debt form the debt collector before you send payment, there are chances that it could be a scam.

  • One way to check the trick of the scam is to search the company on the Internet. You can also search the phone number of the company on the Internet. It is very often that you will find web pages where other consumers have commented. When you cannot find anything on the Internet when you look up the phone number, it might be a scam and the person is duping you.

  • Although it is legal for 3rd Party Debt Collection agency to lie to you, they can take threaten action or also pose as government officials. Legitimate debt collectors are not like to use these illegal tactics, as they don’t want to put their business at risk by breaking the law. So scammer is not concern about the law.

  • Not every scammer aims to trick you into sending payments. Many of them are also seeking personal information that they can use in their next trick or can even use your personal information for committing frauds. If they are asking you for your information they should have, you should alert that it can be a scam.

  • When creditors hire the debt collectors, they send certain, yet unimportant information about you. This information includes your name, date of birth, account number and your social security number. So, anyone is asking information other than these, then the debt collection agency could be a scammer.

  • A scammer will ever give you his company’s contact information. It is necessary for the debt collectors to identify themselves by the law. A real debt collector should be willing to give you the name of his company and his phone number and his mailing address. If the scammer is denying giving you his company information, it is a sign that the collector agent is a scammer.

  • How to prevent such scams?

    For preventing such kind of scams, all you need is to ask your credit company to name and the security number of the Collection agent. Confirm his identity with your credit offering company in order to stay secure from the scammers. If the agency doesn’t send the proof and it is not enough to show that he is a real collector, the agency will not be allowed to contact you, as per law. Even if you fall into such kind of scam, you may not be able to get back your money

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