Third Party Debt Collection “No Collection No Fee” basis

Our Services

Negotiating a debt settlement, resolving a contractual dispute demands high degree of knowledge, skills and expertise.
Our Debt recovery system is extremely efficient and cost-effective. We follow proven  principals of negotiations. Keeping a close contact with the debtor, we are able to evaluate genuine cash flow problems and stalling excuses for non-payment.

Bad debt collection accounts are the biggest nightmare that can affect any Corporates or financial institution, small business establishment, and even an individual. It serves as a double loss, because a company loses its primary efforts of striking a deal, and on the top of it, it loses the money involved in the deal, profits and finally the efforts that a company waste in order to collect its bad debt. In the past, most of the big financial institutions were moving ahead with separate debt recovery departments. The era of outsourcing changed this equation completely; now they are hiring a agency for the task. Debt agency on assignment basis or yearly contract basis can become the most cost-effective deal for a company. The reason is quite simple; maintaining a debt collection department can be a costly affair for them. Hiring a debt agency can be a cost-effective method to get an access to some excellent services.

Not Just End-to-End Services, We Offer Pole-to-Pole Services

The global business scenario has given rise to "global dishonest traders;" these players act on a simple "Modus-Operandi" where they take the advantage of loopholes in the international laws. We are a Debt recovery agency and know these tactics like the back of our hands. Our services start from the juncture of "post-litigation advice” and last until the time when you recover your debt completely. We termed it as a pole-to-pole solution, because our international debt recovery capacities are world-class and we have this expertise of handling legal feuds taking place between more than 200 trading countries of the world.3rd party collections being an important part of the service portfolio of, we specialize in various debt recovery services. In order to implement these tasks, we have a dedicated team of Recovery Attorneys, collection agents, and consultants in place. We can offer you complete debt recovery solutions where our team will handle each operation from post to pillar.

Move Ahead with a Strategically Designed Plan!

Look it from the perspective of a seasoned player like DEBT NIRVANA, credit collection services is not something dirty all the time, because here a person or company has this license to act like a trigger-happy commando. It is a delicate job, which requires the precision of a diplomat sometimes because every client is a hard-earned client in today's world.A commercial collection agency is certainly different from a bill collection company, as many business owners perceive it. It is a process where one has to trade with diplomatic caution. It means you should hire such 3rd party debt collection, who have this understanding of distinguishing genuine bad debt from deliberate bad debts. An inexperienced collection agency may harm your business very convincingly and bring a bad name for you in the market. Here, at, we formulate a strategy for every bad debt payer based on the previous history. Prior to implementing a plan of action, we employ certain metrics in order to categories bad debt in the category of genuine bad debt or deliberate bad debt. We understand that today’s bad debt creators are your hard-earned clients and they can bring in future business as well when the weather will be smooth.

Our Working Protocols!

  • No success no fee!
  • With our credit collection services, we make it a point to pay very special attention to case assessments, pre-litigation advices, friendly negotiation ways and quite candid analysis of any relative risks as well as rewards of litigation. Our approach to your debtors would remain firm, but at the same time, courteous and friendly. As we fully understand this fact that after all they are your clients and so it is our firm belief that for resolving any of the bad debts, our collection methods should be friendly by using proven techniques only.
  • On receiving any of your claims, immediately it would be assigned to the dedicated staff of Recovery Lawyers/Attorneys and other Professionals to be reviewed by those who are handling the case right from the beginning towards the end.
  • Our team of dedicated assigned to you would be fully responsible for monitoring all of the bad debt collection, measuring their efficacy as well as effectiveness of the strategies and finally liasingwith your clients on a regular basis so as to ensure successful bad debts recovery.