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Credit analysis is the method by which one calculates the creditworthiness of a business or organization. In other words, It is the evaluation of the ability of a company to honor it financial obligations. The audited financial statements of a large company might be analyzed. Our approach for Credit analysis involves a wide variety of financial analysis techniques, including Financial ratios and trend analysis as well as the creation of projections and a detailed analysis of cash flows along with Business Information Report. Credit analysis also includes an examination of collateral and other sources of repayment as well as credit history and management ability.

The Business Information Report is an essential element of credit analysis procedure as it extends very important insights. The primary goal is to determine how much credit should be extended to a company; thereby limiting the risk of bad debt write-off should the customer be unable or unwilling to pay. That is how Business Information Report proves very useful.

After the ongoing crunches and recession alarms in the market, the process Credit Risk Management has become a difficult job to handle for big, mid-size and small business establishments. National and international credit check companies are reporting new methods of fraud and regulatory authorities are accommodating them in their list. is constantly watching these changes in the market and updating the notes for their clients. If you hire us with an intention to improve company credit rating then certainly you are hiring a team which is updated with the latest wisdom of the trade and relentlessly updating with the best available solutions and practices.

Our Credit Rating process is highly technical in nature with a fact based approach. Parameters considered are:

  • Management details
  • Operational details
  • Financials Statements
  • Financial Ratios
  • Industry standings
  • Financial institutions feedback
  • Credit rating history
  • Regulatory filings
  • Database and Desktop searches

We ensure that all clients are rated in a consistent manner with the Credit report (aka Business Information Report) containing the following:

  • Credit Terms or Prepay Terms
  • In case, Credit Terms, Credit Lines will be recommended

Field Investigation

We are not paper tigers; we are tigers in the field of credit risk management. Hiring a proper Filed investigating agency is the most important task in the field of credit risk management. The reason is simple if the things go wrong then you cannot search a person with the help of a paper trail or with the help of digital footprints alone. You need some milestones on the ground. While going out for any task of field investigation, the team of DEBT NIRVANA follows the same principle. Site investigation, business paper authentication, and digital identity certification are parallel processes for us. Every investigation report that we prepare during a field investigation always carries the crux of these three fields; and this is why, we are far more reliable than many other players are!When we say field; then we actually mean that, we will cover all the digital mediums and support our report with some on the real field visits as well. Credit Rating – B2B Checks

Background Verification Services

Background check services have emerged as one of the most crucial needs for any firm looking for credit risk management. A proper job of financial background check can minimize the danger of potential losses manifolds. Here, at DEBT NIRVANA, we do this specialized job of education verification, bankruptcy verification, employment verification and directorship verification. We can carry these tasks on the levels, be it ground verification or a digital verification. Currently, we are also under contract with some international companies providing verification solutions on various platforms. You can customize a package and figure out more before going for the task of credit risk management.

Skip Tracing

The act of skiptrace can be a “cat and mouse”type of game. Sometimes, the company offering the credit is always in loss because a defaulter is trying to purchase time. We are aware that terms of the settlement have their limitations, and in most of the cases, companies try to mitigate the losses. Here, at DEBT NIRVANA, we understand this concern, which is related to the act of skip tracking services.

Our tracing agents are equipped with the latest tools and track the activities of fraudulent people on all the possible financial transactions. Our team traps a bad debt with the help of an in-depth and well-thought-of plan. For this purpose, we often take the support of some very sophisticated professional tools. It is not a ‘wild goose chase’ for us, because we employ methods for the same. We understand that when a bad debt is in question then time is not just money; rather it is money with a heavy interest rate ticking on it!