Account Receivables Outsourcing Process/Dispute Resolution Services

Keeping an in-house accounting function is an overhead one can avoid. In order to have cost effective outsource accounting function, we provide one to many resources which can handle your accounting from remote or on site location. Having a account receivables outsourcing functions helps in cost savings, efficiency and effectiveness gains and at the same time, help the organization in remaining compliant with deadlines relating to regulatory environment in India.

Our Core Team Can Handle Your Account Receivables Outsourcing on Global basis

“Do you have problems in collecting your overdue accounts? We don't because collection is our business.”

Our method of collection is courteous yet firm as we follow proven principals of negotiations. Keeping a close contact with the debtor we are able to evaluate genuine cash flow problems and stalling excuses for nonpayment. An integral part of UCS's debt collection efforts is due diligence and financial fraud investigation.

We recognize that no two debtors can be identical nor can their circumstances, therefore we negotiate with them according to the facts and their circumstances.

Our recovery specialists provide a quick, focused and workable solution with high rate of success and most importantly, we try to be honest in our assessment of probability of success.

Our goal is to provide quality services on a worldwide basis. We achieve our goal with relentless research, experimentation, efficient use of technology and teamwork whilst maintaining strong and amicable relationship with the debtor, thereby allowing you to keep the "window of negotiation" for future business opportunities.

Outsource Your Account Receivables Outsourcing to Specialists. Key strategies:

  • Portfolio Analysis (80/20 Rule)
  • Skip Tracing – Research on the Directors details, Debtor Status
  • Documents Analysis – Invoices, GRs, Back-up Documents (If any)
  • Dunning Process
  • Re-Visit high $$ case (3-4 Days gaps)
  • Revise Strategy (If needed)

Debt Recovery Process. Our Approach:

  • Work as Business partners and not as Debt Recovery Agency only!
  • Share feedback with client on reasons for non-payment and areas where processes/systems can be improved
  • Maximizing recoveries and ensuring Cost reduction, through best recovery practices, enhanced productivity, innovation, and timely delivery
  • Hire best talents from respective industry and its development through continuous education and training program (Client, Product & Debt Recovery practices)
  • Increased and sustained follow-up and pressure
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Highest standard of quality and ethics
  • Enhancing security, privacy and confidentiality
  • Robust Controls & Governance